Pronounced ‘po-kay,’ people often pronounce it ‘po-kee,’ or worse, ‘poke,’ as in “I will poke you if you pronounce poke wrong.”
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What is Poké?

A: Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish that includes a mixture of chunked or cubed Ahi (Tuna), sweet onion, shoyu (soy sauce), sesame oil, sesame seeds and green onions or scallions. Some recipes call for, but are not limited to: fresh ginger, inamona, furikaké, wasabi, chili peppers, fish eggs &/or algae/seaweed. Poké can also be made with salmon, octopus and other seafood. Several variations of poké occur throughout the Hawaiian Islands as burger & pizza styles differ in the mainland from region to region.


What is a Carpe Diem Poke Bowl?

A: It's a whole lot of tastiness that's what!

With influence from the delicious & traditional Hawaiian staple, we have created house bowls with a few twists. Along with classic poké ingredients, we offer several other toppings for you to choose from and a selection of palatable sauces that complement our house bowls and your custom creations.

There are a few ways to enjoy our poké bowls. You may select a house recipe bowl or build your own bowl.
We offer four types of seafood & edamame for vegetarians. Lie your selection atop one of our three 'bases'. You can choose from organic mixed green salad, white rice or forbidden black rice, Even try 1/2 rice 1/2 salad. Then choose from 20+ toppings & 10+ delicious sauces.
Our house bowls are built with ingredients that pair well together, but if you find something that doesn't suit your tastebuds, modifications may be possible. 

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What kind of poke?

Q: What kind of seafood does Carpé Diem source & where is it from?
A: We purchase our seafood from reputable distributors who deliver to us. We aim for wild caught & sustainably sourced seafood that do not contain dyes, enhancers or additives.

The location of exactly where our seafood comes from varies. For instance, Yellowfin can be wild caught in the Atlantic, Pacific & Indian Oceans. Salmon sold in the U.S. typically comes from the North Atlantic & Pacific Oceans. Canada & Alaska are two popular places salmon tends to come from. Our salmon & shrimp come from responsible & sustainable suppliers [if not wild caught] who do not use artificial color adds or enhancers. 

Unfortunately when a disaster occurs in the waters, it affects where our seafood comes from. If quality wild caught seafood is unavailable, we source from responsible & sustainable suppliers.

Q: What kind of fish does Carpé Diem use?
A: We serve Yellowfin tuna or ‘Ahi’ & Salmon in our poké bowls. Yellowfin is often confused with the closely related ‘Bigeye’ tuna which is also called Ahi, Albacore-white meat canned tuna and simply because of its name, Yellowtail-a white fish (not related). 

We also offer spicy crab, shrimp ceviché (citrus cured shrimp) & edamame, a vegetarian substitution.