Our juice is Cold Pressed
Raw, All Natural, Organic & NON-HPP.

At Carpé Diem, our juices are pure [zero preservatives], raw & unpasteurized [never heated] to provide the optimal amount of nutrients possible.

Q: Are your juices Organic?
A: YES! We proudly utilize organic & non-gmo ingredients
in our juices. Anything less would be a bottle full of cold pressed chemicals & pesticides. Selecting organic is critical to us. It defines the quality of our product, helps the environment & supports the growth of organic, small & local farming operations. Our cold pressed juices are also gluten-free & vegan.

Click the link below for a short article on Why Organic is Better.
Nature's Path Blog - Why Organic Food is Better for You AND the Planet

Q: Where does your juice come from or Where is it made?
A: We handle the entire production of our juices start to finish. Beginning with an inspection of glass packaging and a quality check of our organic produce. We wash our fruits & vegetable with care, sanitize all tools utilized for the juicing process [and all other tools for that matter] and take all necessary measures to uphold the cleanliness of our facility so our cold pressed concoctions are deemed safe for you to enjoy. Carpe Diem Juice Co.’s cold pressed juices are as raw as they come with the exception of eating a fruit or vegetable in its whole form. Cheers! 

Q: How much produce is utilized to make a bottle of juice?
It can take 2-lbs. to 4-lbs+ of produce to create a 16-oz. serving of juice. Keep in mind not all fruits & vegetables contain the same water content.
For instance, citrus yields roughly half of its weight in juice. If we have 1 lbs. (16 oz) of lemons, the yield would be 8 oz. of juice… and we’re being generous with the yield. Sometimes the yield can be ¼ of its weight which would be 4 oz.
Imagine kale or romaine lettuce. We press several bundles of those leafy greens to get a solid yield of juice. It is hard work, but we are here to make it happen!

Q: Why drink juice? Can’t I just eat my fruits & vegetables?*
We never suggest to not eat your fruits & veggies! Please keep eating them! 
Drinking your fruits & vegetables is an easier way to ensure you’ve eaten the suggested daily serving plus more! As seen above, a 16-oz. glass of juice takes pounds of produce to create.
It would be impossible to consume that amount of fruits & vegetables in a day without discomfort. 

Q: Why does Carpé Diem Juice Co. use the cold pressed method vs other popular juicing methods?*
Unlike the popular centrifugal method of juicing, the cold pressed process ensures minimal introduction of air into our juice, which reduces oxidation. Oxidation degrades and causes the breakdown of enzymes & nutrients found in juice. Cold pressing extracts juice without applying heat. The Cold Pressed Process is essential to us. It retains the flavor & integrity of each ingredient ensuring we offer the most nutrient dense, delicious & brightly pigmented beverages.

After reading this, don’t think you have to trash your centrifugal home juicer! If you have the time to juice and your machine gets the job done, by all means, continue on. We encourage everyone to consume juice and reap the nutritional benefits even if it’s not from us!

Q: What type of juicer does Carpé Diem Juice Co. use?
A: We utilize a heavy duty, commercial grade, hydraulic cold press juicer. It yields gallons in a single press. It also weighs over 450 lbs. [Say Whhaaaaat?] True story. 

Q: What is Pasteurization & HPP (High Pressure Processing)?
Pasteurization, a thermal processing & Pascalization/High Pressure Processing or HPP, a non-thermal processing, are generally utilized by large corporations whom are able to ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx or other third parties. While these two processes extend the shelf life, they also destroy vitamins, enzymes, and nutritional compounds in juices that we look to benefit from. Spoilage is normal & occurs on Mother Nature’s behalf. A 45-day old juice isn’t appealing or appetizing to us, so we wouldn’t offer that to you.