Q: Why do people cleanse?
A: There are several reasons why one would cleanse. In general, most take on a cleanse to reach personal goals &  to 'feel better'. Whether that means to feel lighter on your feet, accomplished, healthier within or glowing on the outside, your goal is the 'Why'. 
Some participants chose to cleanse based their personal objective, observations & studies, while others are recommended by a physician for health/medical reasons.

Q: I like to juice, but I’m not ready to jump into a full-on juice cleanse/fast. Is there another option?
A: Of course! Rather than diving into a multi-day juice cleanse, you can always try a One Day Cleanse. If you’re terribly worried about not being able eat solids, try adding in 2-3 juices a day between 2-3 clean [nothing processed], vegetarian based meals.

Q: What are the potential benefits of a juice cleanse?
A: Everyone experiences a different outcome from cleansing or adding juice to their routine. The general consensus is that people feel accomplished, healthier & have more confidence. There is no denying that nutrients from fruits & vegetables are beneficial to your health. If you're consuming an abundance of nutrients, would you conclude that it is good for you? What you put inside your body shows on the outside. Some people have lessened skin irritations such as acne & eczema, calmed digestive troubles & report reduced inflammation. 


Q: What types of cleanse packages does Carpé Diem offer? What comes in a cleanse package?
A: We offer 3 levels of cleansing. Each day includes 6 beverages and differ by selection of package.


We created this package for the brave who are looking to make a change. This package is for the ones who don’t particularly like to eat veggies, but understand they have to start somewhere. This package includes juices that are more palatable, but still
beneficial for you.

This one is for those who choose to balance work & play. Someone who currently enjoys a relatively healthy lifestyle & diet, doesn’t cringe at the taste of green juice or doesn’t mind eating veggies will adapt to this line up of juices well.

For the lover of all juices or someone who cleanses routinely. You don’t necessarily have to be a ‘pro’ to take on this set. This package is more vegetable based than the other two. If you’re in it for the benefits, this is your match. 

Q: What if I have Food Allergies?
A: If food allergies are an issue, we will try our best to accommodate needs if possible. Our juices are made in a facility that also handles tree nuts and crustacean shellfish. Although we thoroughly follow health code policies to prevent cross contamination, we cannot deem our facility free of allergies. 

Q: Can I substitute, customize or add juices to my cleanse?
A: Other non-allergy related substitution & customization requests may be possible; however, please know not all of our juices are meant to be in a cleanse. We aim to include juices that are lower in fruit & higher in vegetable content.

Note that additional cost may occur with customizations.

You may always add juices to your cleanse for additional cost.

Q: How do I prepare myself before a juice cleanse?*
Prior to a juice cleanse, it is best to eliminate certain foods a few days before your first day of the cleanse.
Your transition from consuming solid foods to only drinking juice will be smoother.

3 & 4 Days Before

Begin removing processed food from your diet and focus on eating whole foods including vegetables, lean meats, grains & legumes. If you drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages regularly, start reducing your consumption.

2 Days Before

Move on to eliminating meat, poultry and dairy products from your consumption. Completely remove alcoholic & caffeinated beverages. Trade meats for plant based meals. Consume a diet higher in vegetables. Include grains & legumes. Take the animal consumption down to fish or other seafood.

1 Day Before

Remove ALL animal products from your diet and focus on eating plant based meals. Include legumes, grains & nuts. 

Q: Can I participate in a juice cleanse if I am pregnant, breastfeeding or have an existing health condition?
A: Always consult your physician before starting a cleanse or detoxification of any kind.

Q:What if I'm taking medication?
A: Check with your physician before signing up for a cleanse. If our cleanses meet your doctor's orders, we will gladly set you up!

Q: How will cleansing make me feel?*
A: Everyone’s experience differs based on their lifestyle, regular diet and habits. People find the first day to be the most challenging of them all. Some people experience headaches and slight drowsiness. Don’t be alarmed; this is simply your body processing a change in your habits. When you deviate from a routine, your body finds ways to adjust and unfortunately some discomfort might surface. It isn’t permanent though. Headaches usually depart at the end of the first day or second day of cleansing. Many people experience a clean energy all day on the second day and the days after.

Q:  Will I lose weight?*
A: Whether or not you lose weight depends on what your caloric intake is normally, however, because the juices are low in calories, many do experience weight loss of some kind. What you will notice before weight loss is less bloating in the abdominal area and increased energy.

Q: Can I exercise while cleansing?*
A: Exercise and movement are always good for the body. Just be aware that your caloric intake may be lower than usual. You may not want to burn too many calories. Be mindful of your energy levels & strength. You know yourself best. We recommend light to medium activities if any. A little sweat can help purge toxins during your cleanse. 

Q: Will I be hungry?
A: Surprisingly most people don’t feel hungry. They just feel the need to chew food because it’s a habit. Some people have trouble finishing all of their juices in one day. Even though our juice doesn’t contain pulp like a smoothie, they remain quite filling. Just like eating, don’t wait too long to consume a juice. Time is essential. If you drink too many juices in one sitting, you’ll feel juice-logged. It’s just like overeating. Then if you don’t drink your juice in a timely manner, you’ll feel empty & be more tempted to make unhealthy decisions. Setting an alarm as a reminder & spacing out your juices to fit your schedule is the best way to stay on track & to avoid the feeling of hunger.

Q: Can I drink coffee?*
Coffee is an acidic food that interferes with the body’s alkaline state. It could lessen the absorption of nutrients from your juices. Try to omit coffee, but if you really, really, reeeally need caffeine, steer clear of coffee and opt for green tea.

Q: How should I store my juices?
Keep your juices COLD. Store them in a refrigerator or in an insulated bag, lunch box or carrier of some kind. Opt to use ice or ice packs to keep your juices chilled if not storing them in a fridge. Be careful of freezers. Juice can expand if completely frozen causing the glass jar to break. It would be a terrible waste & broken glass is a pain to clean. 

Q: What should I do with all of these bottles?
A: You can bring the juice bottles back to us, rinsed out & free of debris. We recycle them at our shop.
We like to practice ‘green’ habits and reduce our waste & carbon footprint as much as possible.

Q: Can I eat food during my cleanse?*
A: If you feel that you MUST chew or eat other foods during your cleanse, try a small salad with an animal product free dressing, broth or small portions of raw, water rich fruits and vegetables, [i.e.: Cucumbers, romaine lettuce or celery. Watermelon for a sweet craving. Avocado for something more fulfilling]
Try to stick with less sugar and always remember to chew thoroughly. Digestion starts in the mouth with saliva.
[click here for help & tips on what do to during your cleanse]

Q: How do I transition out of a cleanse?*
A: It is always best to slowly reintroduce solid foods back into your diet. Now that your system has been readjusted, your body can better absorb nutrients. Fuel yourself with healthy choices & foods that have high nutritional value. Avoid empty calories or foods that lack nutritional value.
[click here for help & tips on transitioning out of a cleanse]

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind about a juice cleanse I have ordered?
Cancellations on ALL Cleanses must be made a full 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up date. Refunds will be fully issued in the original form of payment on cleanses cancelled a full 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up date.
If you wish to reschedule your cleanse, we can simply rescheduled it or you plan to reschedule for a much later date, a refund can be issued as a store credit for future use.
Cancellations made in less than a full 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up day will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee. The remaining balance will be issued in the original form of payment or we offer a full refund issued as store credit if you wish to reschedule your cleanse for a future date.

Cleanses & juices can not be returned once in a customer's possession. We can not take back any juices that have left our shop. We do not restock or resell bottled juices that have been returned for any reason. Upon availability, we offer samples of our juice menu. You may try a juice before purchasing.


*Medical Disclaimer: Carpé Diem Juice Co.’s writers, team members/staff, company & others associated with the company are not medical professionals, do not supply medical counsel & cannot treat health/medical conditions. Please consult your licensed physician before taking on a juice cleanse or if you have any medically related questions about juice cleansing or incorporating juice into your life. All of Carpé Diem Juice Co.’s digital content, webpage and social media outlets as well as printed media are not to be interpreted as professional medical guidance. If you are unsure how your current health or medical condition may react to  juice or a juice cleanse, please seek the opinion of a medical professional.

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