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JUICE cleanse

cold pressed, organic, raw & unpasteurized

Cleanse orders must be placed by 6 pm the night prior.

Please state in ‘special requests’ notes the date/time* you would like to pickup your cleanse package.

Juice Cleanse
Cleanse Package:
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Brave Beginner

2 green juices
4 assorted juices

We created this package for the brave who are looking to make a change. This package is for the ones who don’t particularly like to eat veggies, but understand they have to start somewhere. This package includes juices that are more palatable, but still beneficial for you

Purified Pro

4 green juices
2 assorted juices

For the lover of all juices or someone who cleanses routinely. You don’t necessarily have to be a ‘pro’ to take on this set. This package is more vegetable based than the other two. If you’re in it for the benefits, this is your match. 


Accredited Cleanser

3 green juices
3 assorted juices

This one is for those who choose to balance work & play. Someone who currently enjoys a relatively healthy lifestyle & diet, doesn’t cringe at the taste of green juice or doesn’t mind eating veggies will adapt to this line up of juices well

I'm Hungover

“Last night was great, but today sucks.”

Coconut Water C20

Electrolytes & beets to the rescue.  Beets are both blood and liver cleansing agents.  Cayenne and ginger will provide increased excretion while spirulina will replenish nutrients such as B vitamins, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, protein & vitamin E.  Add a pinch of sea salt to your juice or coconut water for increased absorption.

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Focused & Sharp

“the gift from the earth, is of the greatest worth, so before you knock it try it first, you'll see it's a blessing and it's not a curse”   Ben Harper

E3 Live
Down In The Diem

Feeling bogged down and lethargic?  Here’s a plant and super algae boost for those deprived of their veggies

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Cold Fighter

“We don’t do colds”

Immunity Smoothie
Down In the Diem
Flu is not a Season 

Recharge your immune system. This one is packed with vitamins C & E, antioxidants, ACV, and the super roots turmeric & ginger. Great for fighting minor colds, coughs, sore throats & allergens.

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