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Located in Southwest Las Vegas, Carpe Diem has "foods with benefits".

At Carpe Diem Juice Co. we are more than just juice! Our menu is chocked full of delicious options that do not weigh heavily on your conscience nor your waist line. 

Aside from our raw & wholesome cold pressed juices, we offer protein packed poké bowls, fresh citrus cured ceviché, vegetarian friendly choices & smoothies. We utilize fresh, natural, sustainable & quality organic ingredients.

Las Vegas has been our home for many years. What better place to plant our roots than in a place we call home? With dedicating over two decades to the service industry, we know the amount of energy & hunger it takes to run this twenty-four hour city. We take pride in fueling the citizens of the Las Vegas community with our healthy & flavor filled brand

Cold Pressed Juice Process (CPJP)

Unlike the popular centrifugal method of juicing, the cold pressed process ensures minimal introduction of air into our juice, which reduces oxidation. Oxidation degrades & causes the breakdown of the amazing nutrients found in juice.

Cold pressing extracts juice without applying heat. This process is so important to us because it retains the flavor & integrity of each ingredient ensuring we offer the most nutrient dense, delicious & brightly pigmented beverages.

Our juice is Raw, All Natural & NON-HPP.

At Carpe Diem, our juices carry a shelf life of 7 days.  Our juices are pure [zero preservatives], raw & unpasteurized [never heated] to provide the optimal amount of nutrients possible.

HPP (High Pressure Pascalization) is similar to standard pasteurization methods that use heat. HPP neutralizes molecules that cause juice to spoil faster. This allows HPP treated juice to last up to 45 days. We do NOT use this method. In our opinion, juice is best when prepared cold pressed, fresh & untreated. Spoilage is normal & occurs on Mother Nature’s behalf. A 45 day old juice isn’t appealing or appetizing to us, so we would never offer that to you. 




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