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poké bowls

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ahi tuna, sweet onion, cilantro, garlic, jalapeño, fresh ginger, crispy onion w/ spicy mayo & sriracha

Are you ready to start making healthy decisions?

Our Las Vegas juice bar is also a healthy
restaurant specializing in poké bowls
(aka. sushi bowls) & açaí bowls!

Our menu items are meant to be filling & flavorful, but light on your mind & waistline
We utilize fresh, natural, sustainable & quality organic ingredients whenever possible.
Enjoy a savory poké bowl packed with healthy serving of protein or a refreshing, antioxidant rich açaí bowl!

Our juices are organic & pure [zero preservatives]
to provide the optimal amount of nutrients. 

We handle the entire production of our juices start to finish. Beginning with an inspection of glass packaging and a quality check of our organic produce.
We wash our fruits & vegetables thoroughly, sanitize all tools and take all necessary measures to uphold the cleanliness of our facility so our cold pressed concoctions are deemed safe for you to enjoy! Due to seasonal organic ingredients, some juices may not be available year around, but know that they will return!

Cold Pressed. Raw. Non-HPP.

The juices you would find on grocery store shelves or in refrigerated sections have likely been preserved or pasteurized with heat or pressure. While pasteurization does make a product safe to consume by killing off potential bacteria & pathogens, this process also kills off the good elements & nutrients found in fresh fruits & vegetables. A pasteurized beverage will have 30-45 days expiration/shelf life, while fresh juice can only last up to 7 days.
The FDA does not permit the wholesaling of raw, unpasteurized juice, so when you’re visiting a juice bar, ask if the juices are made in house/on site & check the shelf life.



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8180 Blue Diamond Rd.
Suite 120
Las Vegas, NV 89178


Mon-Sat 10a–8p
Sun 10a–3p
*may exclude holidays
& seasonal hours

Our cold pressed juices & poké are as raw as they come.